September saw many families wave goodbye to their kids as they embarked on a new chapter of their lives. Thousands of youths headed off to university leaving behind their mums who were left with broken hearts and a hell of a lot less washing to do.


Sure, the house may be a little bit more peaceful since the kids returned to education and the TV is free more than usual, but mums can’t help but feel low when their kids fly the nest.

One mum has expressed her sadness after her eldest son left home for university.



“I took our eldest up to London yesterday for Uni. Oh my god, I am feeling bereft!” she told Mumsnet.


“I’ve never known anything like it, I am wandering around the house in absolute floods, but pretending that I have an awful cold in front of my other two kids (obviously they know how I feel but I can't just keep breaking down in front of them.)"


She reached out to her fellow mums: “Does this really get better?”



The mum explained: “I have highlighted all the holiday periods and planned trips to visit as well as he has planned trips home. It's not so bad, about 150 miles away and I know he's made friends already but really, never expected to feel quite so emotionally traumatised by this event.”


Many mums reached out to her during her time of need. We all know just how hard it can be: “I felt strange, anxious, mildly bereft and generally out of sorts for several days. One week on, I'm already starting to feel more normal.”



“You'll get there. It was hardest at the start, because you want to know they are ok and settling in but you don't want to be speaking to them all the time to check. But that does get less as time goes on,” one shared.


Another mum encouraged her to look at the positive side: “So much freedom, so little laundry, so little mess in the house... And the knowledge that they are settled and happy and doing what they want to do.”


How do you adjust to an empty nest?