A few weeks back, Beyoncé Knowles dropped a photo-shoot that pretty much broke the Internet. 


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Looking like a majestic mother nature, the popstar showed off her bump, and revealed that she was expecting twins. 


It was the good news that the world needed. 



Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, and yet another photo-shoot is breaking the Internet, thanks to a pregnant dog. 


Gwen the chihuahua has paid tribute to Queen Bey's iconic photo with a similar shoot to announce her upcoming puppies. 


Gwen’s owner, Geovanna, told Mashable that: “When I saw Beyoncé announce hers it was the perfect fit since my dog is having twins as well.” 



No detail went ignored in recreating the shoot: the flowers, the green veil and even the red ribbon in place of Bey’s bra.



But wait, there's more.


There are even additional pics showing little Gwen in different settings and outfits, just like Beyoncé.