This reassurance technique has helped my little boys anxiety

For those of you with anxious little ones, it's often a difficult balance of trying to give them the confidence they need whilst ensuring you are not being dismissive of their genuine worries and feelings.

With four children, it is sometimes the case that mummy just can't be in two (or three or four!) places at once.  And recently, we had a clash with me needing, but not being able, to be in two places at once. My youngest son often gets anxious at parties. But when one of his best little buddies invited him to his birthday bash, Griffin very much wanted to go. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to take him as I already had to get another child to an important event. Griffin was torn between his desire to go, and his worries that I was not able to be with him.

A lovely mum friend stepped in to help out (where would we be without these kind of friends?) and offered to take Griffin to where he needed to be, but I wanted to give him a bit of extra reassurance. Inspiration hit and grabbing a Sharpie, I drew a little heart on his wrist and told him it was a ‘magic heart’ and if he missed me or was worried, he could press his ‘magic heart’ and get a mummy love boost. Worked a treat!

Not a single anxious tear and Griffin navigated his first party on his own with nothing but a smile on his face. 

Now I just need to get it off!

Sally Hall is mum to four delicious little people, a wife, businesswoman and author. Her debut children's book is Down in the Den.

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