Heroes don't always wear capes, you know.

Sometimes they wear umbrella hats, and still there's no denying them as one 16-year-old girl from the States recently reminded us.

After being asked by a male classmate to send him a photo of herself in the shower, Reece Hebert had absolutely no intention of obliging, but thought she'd play him at his own game anyway.

Rocking a multicoloured umbrella hat, Reece hopped on in, snapped away, sent the pic and then shared the exchange on Twitter.


And unsurprisingly, the Twitosphere is having a field day.

"I laughed way too hard at this," wrote one while another added: "You're hilarious. I don't know you, but I like you,"

"Girl, you are awesome," commented another while someone else predicted: "This gonna blow up."

Reece, take a bow.