Toda is November 18th.


It is the day I call my re-Birthday. The date I was given a second chance at life.



There are many marked events to celebrate throughout the year; birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc, but in our home, this is very special. My boys still have a mother, my husband still has a wife and my parents still have a daughter. I’m very much alive.


Shortly after being faced with the “C” word I wrote a poem. Today I decided to share it.


When I find myself starting to take it all for granted I refer to the poem below and it reminds me of what I almost lost.



I would be lying if I said that cancer hasn’t changed me as a person.


My diagnosis was totally unexpected but once I accepted the harsh reality, I was faced with something incredible happened. The world felt different, I felt different. Cancer makes you re-evaluate life. The time you’ve had, how you’ve spent it, the decisions you’ve made and any regrets you may have. It makes you appreciate your existence and be thankful for it all, the good the bad and the ugly. Don’t wait until you are handed a death sentence to make a bucket list. Live every day like it’s your last. But, most importantly, be happy! Life is too short to be miserable.


So, on my re-birthday, I want to send huge love to all the amazing people in my life, namely my husband, my beautiful boys, my parents, my siblings and my friends. Thank you all for making me smile, and for giving me so much to live for. Slainte! 



Without Any Warning


The doctor spoke the words

A tumour was found

An operation to follow

My world crashed to the ground



How could this happen

I'm only twenty-eight

Cancer, not me?

But I'm feeling great



Tears in my eyes

Thinking what I would miss

First days at school,

The boys first kiss



A mother of two

My greatest achievement in life

Making a happy home

Trying to be a great wife



So what are my options?

This wasn't my plan

Cancer has no place

Stay positive, Stay calm



An unwanted visitor

In my happy bubble

What it throws at me

I will throw back double



Life will continue

But only get better

Ill appreciate everything

Be a real 'go-getter'



Stop worrying about nothing

Stop shouting at the boys

Relish in the madness

Embrace the noise



Eat ice cream for breakfast

Go splashing in puddles

Watch movies, get cosy

Enjoy endless cuddles



I'll plan for it all

Grandkids, the lot

Grow old with my hubby

I need a second shot!



So bring it on cancer

You aren't my friend

If this is a fight

I'll win in the end



I am the mammy of three small humans; Finn 5, Oisin 3 and Conn 1. I am also human, although occasionally I may resemble the walking dead.
My life's soundtrack includes the hits, 'be nice to your brother' 'I'll kiss it better' 'just one more spoon' & 'no eating from the bins'. On repeat.


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