Top tips for planning your child's birthday party

Decide on a theme:
Picking a theme for your party can really make organising a lot easier. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated – a general theme will help you choose decorations, games and food, while making it easier for other parents to come up with costumes. Here are some great theme ideas if you need some inspiration.
The invitations:
Email invitations or even texts to other mums may seem like the easier option, but invitations are a chance for your little one to get involved. Give them some coloured card and craft supplies and let them create their own invitations. Remember to keep the theme in mind!
Plan your menu:
The most awkward part of a child’s birthday party is coming up with the food. Check if any of the children have food allergies and make sure they’re catered for. Keep the food fun – remember it’s a party. Ice cream is a safe choice when it comes to kids and these Raspberry Floats or Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups are perfect. There are also lots of fun finger food ideas here.
You can easily pick up a selection of cheap decorations from your local discount store, but if you have time, making your decorations can be lots of fun for you little one. You can make general decorations, like these beautiful flower fairylights or fabric bunting, or make them specific to your theme.
While children usually find ways to entertain themselves when they get into groups, it’s always good to have a few games on hand. Find some great party game ideas here.
The cake:
You can buy a cake if you want to make things easier for yourself and you can even find one to fit your theme. Keep in mind that there are simple cakes you make, like this Puffed Rice Doughnut Cake that your little one can help you with.
Candid photos of your little one playing with their friends are brilliant for the family album, but staged photos can be fun to. When you’ve chosen a theme, you can set up a photo section in the house where kids can pose. If the theme is ‘fairies,’ you could have a couple of fake trees for the kids to stand beside.
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