Better sleep, less stress, reduced anxiety and more control are just some of the benefits that meditation boasts.


And we’ve spoken before about some amazing ways of incorporating meditation into your life.


With apps like Headspace and Room to Breathe, we know can enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of our own homes.


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However, making sure that you’ve found the right place to get your relaxation on is just as important as the method you choose to try.


It doesn’t have to be big or cost a lot but these few tips can help make the most of your home meditation.


Perfect place


This is obviously the most important because even with all the bells and whistles in the world, meditating if your kitchen is probably not a good idea.


However, finding a completely private place is probably not too likely either in a house with kids.


But even a corner of your bedroom or office can work, just somewhere that you can dedicate to meditating and isn't used temporarily as a storage space.


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Lovely lighting


There is no perfect lighting to use for meditation.


It’s recommended that  you find a place that is well light to give the illusion of being outdoors however if you find it hard to concentrate and are getting to distracted then somewhere a little darker might work for you.


It’s all trial and error here, ladies.


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Get comfy


Whether it’s a chair or a bed of cushions, whatever works for you.


For first timers, a chair might work best as it can help you get your posture right.


Pick something with a high back that makes you feel supported that way you can focus on the meditating.


Once you feel comfortable that you don’t need to support anymore, you can move to a cushion or even a yoga mat.


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Soothe the senses


Incorporating calming sounds and smells can really help you achieve a more rewarding meditation.


Whether it be pure silence or the sound of rain, again whatever works set it up before you begin and help create the perfect relaxation zone.


Scents can also help make your meditation space work. From incense to candles to oil diffusers, the options are endless.


Make sure to choose a scent that encourages the type of feeling you’re hoping to get.


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