Trailer for It Ends With Us movie finally unveiled after release date setback

We finally have a trailer for It Ends With Us!

The viral TikTok novel, originally published by author Colleen Hoover in 2016, has now been adapted into a film.

Ahead of its release date later this year, the producers behind the highly-anticipated movie have finally given fans a first look trailer.

The trailer for It Ends With Us can be viewed below:

Gossip Girl alum Blake Lively and Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni have been cast in the lead roles of Lily and Ryle.

Baldoni has also taken on the role of director for the film, after working on it for the past five years.

Meanwhile, Brandon Sklenar has been cast as Atlas, completing the tale’s love triangle.

Credit: Jojo Whilden

Following the release of the hotly-anticipated trailer, many fans of the original It Ends With Us novel have been giving their reactions to the film’s teaser.

“They showed too much in the trailer for someone whose never read the book but for those who have… I’m just so excited,” one fan exclaimed on Instagram.

“It honestly looks better than I expected it to be,” another commented.

“OMG!!! This is perfect,” a third fan added.

Credit: Jojo Whilden

It Ends With Us follows Blake’s character Lily, a woman setting out to open her own business in Boston, when she meets and becomes involved with neurosurgeon Ryle.

However, the synopsis hints: "As the two fall deeply in love, Lily begins to see sides of Ryle that remind her of her parents’ relationship.” Matters are complicated even further when Lily’s first love, Atlas, suddenly reenters her life, leading Lily to fully confront the depths of her past.

Following multiple production setbacks, fans can expect It Ends With Us to arrive in cinemas on August 9.