For many, December is a month of visiting loved ones, popping to the shops to pick up gifts and heading outside to enjoy the festive lights – usually in the freezing cold!


If you are planning on doing a little travelling over the Christmas holidays, whether it’s down the road to friends or to the other side of country to be with family, it’s important your little one is warm and safe at all times.


Blankets are a great way to keep the cold away from your youngster, but they can be a little cumbersome and are easily kicked off, whether your little one is in a car seat or a buggy.


But, thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to keep them snugly:


1. Invest in a footmuff

These are great at keeping the chill off your little one when they are out and about. They also work well over a car seat and mean your youngster is both protected and warm.


2. Pick up a pair of mittens

Little hands can get cold very quickly, so pick up a pair of mittens to ensure their fingers are nice and warm at all times.


3. Wrap them up in the Slumbersac hooded travel wrap

The Slumbersac baby wrap is designed to fit neatly into standard car seats, buggies and cots. Not only does it add an extra layer of warmth, but it allows parents to easily move Baby from one place to the other without any hassle.


Car seat or pushchair harnesses can be placed over or under the travel wrap so that Baby can move about freely, and the Velcro tabs keep it securely in place. The hood provides extra protection across their forehead and ears and lies completely flat behind your little one’s head when not in use.



4. Always cover their head

Even if you’re in the car, cover your little one’s head with a hat or the hood of your travel wrap. Not only will it stop their body heat escaping, it will also prevent a draught getting in their ears and keep the wind off their face.


5. Pop an extra bib under their top

Babies dribble a lot, particularly if they are teething, and while we, as mums, try to mop it up as soon as we spot it, it can seep down to their neck without us noticing. So to keep their chest warm and dribble-free, pop an extra bib under their vest to give them that extra protection. Always change their wet top or bib as soon as possible – wet and cold isn’t a great combination.