Treatment for nystagmus

There is unfortunately no cure to date for nystagmus but there are lots of things you and your child can do to ensure she lives a normal, happy life. Some types of nystagmus improve as the infant gets older and visual acuity may also improve with the use of specialty lenses or contacts.
Corrective lenses or contacts do not correct nystagmus however they can be used to help other problems with their vision.
Nystagmus responds to physical and emotional triggers like tiredness or stress. It is therefore very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to optimise visual acuity.
There are also lots of helpful aids out there which will help your child as she grows including, reading devices, large print books, magnifying devices, and improved lighting sources.
In the vast majority of cases, people with nystagmus lead relatively normal, fulfilling lives. If your child is displaying symptoms of nystagmus consult with your G.P. or ophthalmologist.
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