We all know that exercise is important in ensuring we have a happy, healthy mind. And while it is all good to say go out for a run or hop on a bike, not all of us are sporty and it can be a struggle to find the motivation to get up and out of the house.


However, for those who aren’t into their intense exercise leisurely walks can help you maintain positive mindfullness..


1. Improves your mood

Even gentle walking can help to improve your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing.


2. Helps prevent dementia

Regular walks can help to prevent brain shrinkage and preserve memory which can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.



3. Helps with weight loss

For many of us, our weight can play havoc on our mental health as we stress over whether we are too big or small. However, regular walking can help to maintain a healthy weight which in turn will benefit our mental wellbeing.


4. Relieves stress

There is nothing like an intense walk in the fresh air to really help us reduce our stress levels. Whether you go out for ten minutes or an hour, you will instantly feel the benefits.


5. Gives you a sense of where you are

If you are an avid runner or cyclist you may understand when we say you can miss out on the many sights as you concentrate on your destination, however, with walking you can take in your surroundings that bit more and enjoy what the world has to offer.