Wanderlusting? Check out these Instagram travel bloggers

All any of us want right now is to be stretched out somewhere sunny, with bright blue skies over us, a shimmering sea before us and the promise of an adventure somewhere in our near future.

Instead, we're stuck at home, daydreaming about these things and wondering when on earth we'll ever be let out of the country again. 

To be perfectly honest, I'm happy just to be able to see a few friends this summer, but of course, like everyone else, I miss the excitement and exploring of a holiday, of seeing somewhere new and trying new things. We're all feeling a little stuck now, but something I've found really helpful for my major wanderlust is travel blogging Instagram accounts.

If only for future inspiration or a little escapism, seeing new places, cuisines and cultures through someone else's eyes is therapeutic and hope-inspiring that maybe we'll get there ourselves some day. My saved content is full of reels of cities and countries and stunning photography of exotic and far flung locations, and if nothing else, it's nice to see somewhere new. I've listed a few favourites below, in case you feel like a little armchair travelling yourself.


With simply enviable photography skills and even more enviable locations, Julie Marie's page is a kaleidoscope of colour, white sand beaches and incredible cities and towns. And what I love most is that her page is not only beautiful to look at but super helpful too. Full of tips and tricks about when the best time to book in certain places is, what countries are cheaper to travel in and things to do that aren't in your traditional guide book, her page is a goldmine of info and well worth a follow. 


Leah page isa welcome dose of reality among all the dreamy Insta photos of clifftop sunsets and cityscape posed photos. She tells it like it is and warns about the pitfalls and common mistakes that any traveller can make. If you want to get travel savvy, her guides and information videos are the best way to do it. A full time freelancer who has been travelling the world for two years, the travel writer has all the 'life on the road' tricks down. If long term travel is something you're considering, she's an amazing resource. 


Irish mum and travel expert Sarah Slattery's page is a fantastic one for anyone travelling with a family. With over fifty countries under her belt, she has all the details and travel hacks you could ever need.Slightly more glam and sophisticated travelling, this page is for someone looking for adventure with a little luxury thrown in. Her staycation content is just as full of great ideas as her content abroad and she's full of great ideas about how to spend this summer at home. 


Another amazing example of a freelancer on the road, Crosby's forte are her reels, which provide quick and useful snatches of information that can all be followed up in her guides and YouTube channel for further information. Right now she's travelling around the U.S. in an RV and working remotely, so her feed is full of handy ideas like what jobs work best for people who want to travel. how to get internet on the road and all her adventures along the way. If you're craving that open road, she's super inspiring and informative.