Want to join the early bird club? Here’s 6 top tips to help you become an early riser

Have you always wanted to be an early riser but don’t know how people can just jump out of bed and start their day all bright-eyed and bushy tailed? We’re with you!

Snoozing the alarm to get a few extra minutes of sleep is too tempting in the morning but can be a bad habit to get into. 

Having extra time in the morning will help you be more productive to get some extra odd jobs done in the morning, have more time to practise some self-care or head to the gym.

Whatever the reason for wanting to become an early riser, if you’re really ready to join the early bird club, we’re here to help. We’ve shared our top tips that we’ve found effective to help us get into the routine of waking up earlier in the morning. 

A little goes a long way

Don’t try and force yourself to wake up one or two hours earlier than when you normally do. Start off with a little amount like an extra 10 minutes earlier each day. By the end of the week you’ll be up and at ‘em over an hour earlier than usual without a huge shock to your system. 

Bedtime routine

Set up a calming bedtime routine that will help you nod off easily. Ensure you’re getting 7-9 hours sleep every night and create a list of things to do each night to make the morning earlier. For example, already have an outfit picked out or your breakfast ready so you can start your morning off straight away and get on with your day easily. 

Stick to a schedule 

Make a schedule for yourself to follow so you don’t find planning each morning difficult if you’re still feeling groggy at the beginning of this journey to become an early riser. Simple tasks that should be done every day like not allowing yourself to snooze your alarm, making your bed, getting dressed, doing your skincare routine, journaling or meditating are all things you should aim to repeat every day to create a schedule and help your early morning run smoothly. 

Avoid naps 

Napping during the day can make it difficult to fall asleep at night as your body already feels rested. Making it hard for yourself to fall asleep means you will more than likely feel more tired the following morning, meaning you will want to sleep in and not get on with your early riser routine.

Get moving

Getting some form of exercise done during the day is a great way to keep your overall health and wellbeing in good shape while also tiring your body out so you will look forward to a good night’s sleep or even an earlier night’s sleep, which will help with waking up earlier in the morning. 

Set goals 

There’s no real point of waking up a few hours earlier each morning if you’re just going to sit in bed and scroll on your phone during that time. Set daily goals that you want to achieve during your extra time in the morning to help motivate you. Whether you want to read more, start breathwork or practise a hobby, setting goals is important to keep you on track to wake up earlier in the mornings easily.