From a very young age, we are all taught how to act when at a level crossing: if the barriers are coming down and the lights are flashing we stop and wait until the train has passed.


However, a man in south west London has risked not just his life but that of a child in a buggy as he slipped under the barrier in an attempt to get to the other side of the tracks before the train arrived.


As can be seen in the video, traffic pulls to a halt as the barrier is lowered and the lights flash - just as the man rushes under the barriers. Seconds later the train rushes past.


The man is now being criticised for his reckless behaviour as the Network Rails launches its campaign to raise awareness of level crossing safety.


Encouraging the public to act appropriately when at a level crossing, Darren Cottrell, head of level crossing safety at Network Rail said: "Network Rail is investing in improving level crossing safety across Britain, but we need motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to do their bit too."


"By paying attention to the warnings at level crossings and avoiding distractions, we can all keep ourselves out of harm’s way."



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