Waterloo Road star Adam Thomas shares health update following arthritis diagnosis

Adam Thomas has shared a health update with his fans. 

The Waterloo Road actor announced that he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in August of last year after suffering with pain in his knees, wrists, fingers, ankles and toes. 

Following his diagnosis, Adam has kept his social media followers up to date with his health and has now revealed he’s had a ‘bad flare up’, which has left him in 'so much pain'. 


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Taking to Instagram, Adam shared a video to his 1M followers of him laying on a couch with his leg up and resting. 

His son Teddy can be seen helping to ease his dad’s pain by holding an icepack on his ankle. 

The Emmerdale star captioned the footage, “Today I had such a bad flare up with my arthritis… was in so much pain still am”. 

“But just to add to the pain I kicked a chair in a scene today at work and I can’t tell you how much it hurt hahaha tried to play it cool”.

He added, “But wow! Good job lil Ted looking after me x”.


A post shared by Adam Thomas (@adamthomas21)

Thomas then posted another message to his fans that reads, “Also, just want to thank everyone who has been sending so much love and advice over my arthritis journey”. 

“I just want to thank you all for sharing your story. Means the world x”.

The honest insight into his flare up comes just weeks after Adam discussed his arthritis journey in detail and admitted he ‘didn’t want to suffer in silence’.

The 35-year-old explained, “Little update on my arthritis journey so far… So been In and out of hospital for a while now, tried all sorts of medications and painkillers. But nothings really working,so time to try something new”.

Credit: Adam Thomas Instagram

“Today i had steroid injections, which really helped ease the pain and inflammation last time, so hopefully it will do the same,until my prescription arrives for the new medication”.

“I Will be trying a disease modifying drug which I will then take (if it works)for the rest of my life or until I go into remission. It’s been a long and hard battle and as of yet nothing has worked,but I’m hopeful!”.

Adam continued,  “I’ve suffered just over a year with arthritis and I have to say it’s been the toughest period of my life to date. I’m a firm believer of everything happening for a reason, but I don’t really have the answer to that just yet. If I’m being completely honest… I’m suffering…I don’t think i want to suffer in silence no more x”.