Ah finally, a study that is giving us some really, really great news. 


A wonderful group of researchers have confirmed that a girls' night out is actually good for a woman's health.


William Chopik, who is a researcher from Michigan State University, conducted two separate studies that involved almost 280,000 people.


He discovered that friendships become even more important to health and wellness as we get older, which we sort of already knew. 


"Friendships become even more important as we age. Keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being. So, it's smart to invest in the friendships that make you happiest."


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Initially, information about relationships from 271,053 participants of all ages, from nearly 100 countries, were examined. Findings showed that overall health and happiness was linked to relationships with both family and friends.


It was discovered that friendships became a stronger indicator of health and happiness, as people grew older.


In the second study, surveys about relationships and chronic disease from 7,481 older people were examined.


The research found that when friends were a source of strain, participants reported more chronic illnesses and when friends showed support, participants were happier.


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"There are now a few studies starting to show just how important friendships can be for older adults," he told Science Daily.


"Summaries of these studies show that friendships predict day-to-day happiness more and ultimately how long we'll live, more so than spousal and family relationships," said William.


"Friendships help us stave off loneliness but are often harder to maintain across the lifespan," he continued.


"If a friendship has survived the test of time, you know it must be a good one – a person you turn to for help and advice often and a person you wanted in your life."


Moral of the story? Head out with your friends this weekend - it'll be good for you.