If your baby is choking and you can’t see the object, don’t do a blind sweep as you can push the object down further. You will need to dislodge the object with back blows and chest thrusts.


However, when dealing with an infant under one you will have to approach it a little differently.


Step one: Call 999


If you are on your own, do 30 seconds of back blows and chest thrusts before calling an ambulance.


Step two: Back blows

  1. Place your baby face down along your thighs, holding them underneath your arm and supporting their head with your hand.
  2. With your free hand, do five back blows using the flat of your hand. Do this in the centre of the back.
  3. If it’s still not dislodged, turn Baby over and check their mouth to see if you can see the object – remember, never do a blind sweep.


Step three: Chest thrusts

If you still can’t see it, you will need to do five chest thrusts to encourage them to start coughing.

  1. Lay your baby along your thighs or on a flat surface, face up
  2. Find their breastbone – the area right between the nipples – and place two fingers from one hand in the middle. Use your other hand to support them.
  3. Give five chest thrusts by pushing your fingers in and up, compressing the chest as you do.
  4. After doing this five times, check your child’s mouth to see of you can see the object.


Step four: Continue the cycle


Do three cycles of five back blows followed by five chest thrusts. If your child is still choking, or you can’t see the object continue until help arrives.


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