As your baby’s first birthday approaches, you’re probably amazed at how much they’ve grown in just one year. That fragile little bundle is now much tougher and independent than they were a year ago, and that’s not the only thing that’s changed…
Your baby will have tripled in weight after a year, and they’ll probably have grown about 9-11 inches.
Your baby should be sleeping less during the day and more during the night. They’ll probably still have a nap during the day, but those morning naps are less and less frequent.
Your baby might be transitioning from breast milk or formula and is now drinking cow’s milk. Make sure you give them full fat though as they need it for healthy brain growth. They’re probably feeding themselves with a spoon too, or at least trying. Despite the mess, you should let your little one do this as it helps their hand eye coordination.
Motor skills
Your one-year-old can now probably stand on their own and maybe, they’ve even taken a few steps all by themselves. They’ll also have more control of their hands and fingers and will be picking things up and turning pages in books.
Separation anxiety
Your little one might be suffering a bit from separation anxiety when you leave now that they’ve come to love and depend on you so much. Try not to drag out goodbyes as this will only make things harder, and try to be matter of fact when you leave.
While they can’t exactly talk yet, it doesn’t stop them trying. Your one-year-old might be babbling away in what sounds like a different language. You can help them along by asking them question or using simple commands.