When deciding on getting a family pet, a bird doesn’t often feature on the list of possible animals. However, there is definitely more to birds than simply watching them in their cage and they can make great pets.


If you have decided to go for budgie, it is important you know how to care for him/ her properly:



You will need to feed your bird an appropriate diet to help them stay happy and healthy. They will also play with their food as a way of stimulation. Never feed them avocado, lettuce, potato or chocolate as they can be harmful.


Be gentle when holding them

Budgies can be tamed to sit on your finger but it is important you are gentle with them when starting out training. Start by putting your finger in the cage and stroking them. After a few weeks you’ll be able to gradually progress how much you handle them.


Choose a large cage

Go for the largest cage that you can afford, making sure the bars are too small for the bird to escape.


Cover it at night

You can get a cage cover which you pop over your bird’s home at night to stop them waking up in the middle of the night.


Don’t feed them too much

Clean any leftover food from your bird’s tray before pouring in new feed as it can become mouldy. You will also need to put grit on the bottom of the cage which is vital to aid the digestive system so that they care peck at it.


What to put in the cage  

It is important your cage has a perch for the bird to sit on and a few other things like a mirror or bell to keep them stimulated.