When and why to switch to nappy pants

It’s different for every child, but many parents make the switch between six and nine months. You’ll know yourself when they are ready to progress, as they will start trying to roll down the nappy themselves.

Ultimately, if changing your increasingly active baby is becoming a bit of a challenge, consider switching to nappy pants. They give your little one the freedom to move about and explore the world while providing maximum protection against leaks.

Using nappy pants is a much easier changing option too - simply tear the sides of the old pair, roll and tape them up. Then, after cleaning your little one’s bottom just pull on a new pair and you’re good to go!

Nappy pants are a very comfortable option for your little one and they will stay on well as they have an all round elastic waistband, which means it’s a snug fit too.

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants are a great choice for this as they have Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket. This is a revolutionary pocket that sits at the back of the nappy pants in order to catch pee and liquid poo and prevent leaks travelling up the baby’s back and beyond. 

You won’t have to worry about any poonami events as the Stop & Protect Pocket is great for preventing them from happening. Their nappies are made with super-absorbent materials which lock away wetness. They are created with a 360-degree fit designed for no gaps, while double-leg cuffs provide additional protection to help prevent leaks and keep your baby dry. 

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants with Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket are available from S3-7 and offer an additional layer of protection at the back of the nappy to capture pee and liquid poo for up to 12h all-around leakage protection so you can enjoy your day out without feeling on edge that a poonami explosion might occur!

If your baby seems ready to try them and you’re wondering how to use nappy pants, check out these step-by-step instructions to discover how easy it is to change them:

1) Remove the Nappy Pants

Just tear both sides of the nappy pants and, keeping the mess at the bottom of the nappy, slide the pants out from between your baby's legs.

2) Roll them up, tape them up and throw them away.

Nappy pants have a tape on the backside that you can use to secure the rolled-up nappy.

4) Clean as usual

Gently clean your baby's bottom as you usually would when changing regular nappies.

5) Pop on a fresh pair of Nappy Pants

Pull on a fresh pair of nappy pants – the soft and stretchy waistband makes it easy to pop them on, no matter how wriggly your baby is. There you go, all done!


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