As soon as you have kids, you literally can’t imagine a time they weren’t around. Your little ones become your whole world and you wouldn't swap them for anything in the world.


However, while we love them, it doesn’t mean that once upon a time we didn’t enjoying having nice hair or expensive bath products.


Mums-to-be, we don’t want to scare you, but here's a little heads up: as soon as you become a mother, certain things go out the window (but you won't care). 


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1. Nice hair

So you have… what’s that thing called, we can hardly remember… oh yes, pride in your appearance? You happily spend money in trendy salons on highlights or deep conditioning treatments? Say your farewells, because as soon as you’re a mum it’s a cheap dry cut or attempt it yourself with the kitchen scissors.


2. White clothes

Unless you want to serve your children plain yoghurt and mashed potatoes for the next five years, all your white clothes are going to have to be relegated to the back of your wardrobe. The best advice we can give you is match your outfit to the colour of your child’s dinner.


3. Privacy

The good old days of peeing in peace or shaving your legs without curious pairs of eyes on you are gone. God forbid you attempt to hide anything from your children – they know everything, and if you’re holding something back, they’ll sniff it out at twenty paces. Just give in, it’s easier.



4. Sleep

A beautiful but distant memory. So distant in fact, you’ll doubt it ever really happened. Wait, you’ll ask yourself, once upon a time I had eight hours sleep? No, I can’t, I won’t, believe it.


5. Going shopping

The days of leisurely browsing the rails are gone, because just as you’re about to pick up that gorgeous shearling jacket, your little one will shout, “Mum please can we go, I’m bored!” You’ll try to involve your child to buy yourself more time, good luck. 


6. Posh toiletries

You will understand what we mean when you walk into the bathroom to see your little bub covered in your expensive Charlotte Tilbury face mask and your Dior lippy smiling proudly as if to say: “What’s yours is mine mum” - which of course, it is.




7. A moment’s peace

Just when you’re about to gratefully sink into the sofa to read that magazine you’ve been dying to catch upon your little one will all of a sudden want to know where babies come from. 


8. Putting yourself first

It’s an instinctive and beautiful part of being a mum. The power of it will take your breath away. You physically couldn’t put yourself first if you tried. And would you want to try anyway? Nope.