Love/Hate’ and ‘Charlie’ actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor said he was inspired by his young son to join Barnardos’  ‘Make a Child’s Christmas’ campaign. 
Tom, who has been working with Barnardos since 2012, said: “Watching my own son grow and thrive, and the privileges he has, is a constant reminder to me that so many children in Ireland do not have the same opportunities. My wife and I are very fortunate to be able to give our son a very magical Christmas Day from start to finish. We are very lucky to be in this position, when for so many mums and dads in Ireland it will be a stretch to make Christmas day special for their little ones.
“We all know how tough life can be as adults; the burden of rents or mortgages and bills. There is time enough for children to have these burdens when they are older. Childhood should be as sacred and protected a time as adults can provide. Barnardos help parents provide that protection, but need the support and contribution of people who are in a position to help. Please support Barnardos this Christmas; whatever you can give will make a difference for the children they work with.”
Join Tom today and pledge to Make a Child’s Christmas by simply adding one extra gift to your Christmas list, and donating it to Barnardos. Pledge now click here.
Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay said, “Recent figures show that one in 10 children in Ireland today are living in consistent poverty without access to basic necessities. This means that this Christmas a little boy or girl in your community is going to bed cold, or waking up hungry. Additional pressure is put on all families at Christmas time but it weighs heavier on those already on the brink. Barnardos works with children and their families all year long – the work we do is intensive and focused on changing children’s lives for the better.” 
To pledge now and give these children the happy Christmas and the brighter future they so richly deserve, click here.