The Royal Wedding was hands down one of the biggest events this year.


The guests adorned outfits we can only dream of affording and rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous faces. 


Getting a seat to one one of the most exclusive weddings and an invite to the reception was a challenge, even for the rich and famous.


We were glued to our screens, watching with baited breath for the bride to arrive, clocking the nervous smirks of the groom and analysing the guestlist.



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Overall, it seemed like a very successful day for the happy couple.


However, for some, the aftermath of the day seemed fraught with criticism.  


The Internet was intent on demanding an explanation for why Victoria Beckham wasn't smiling at the wedding. 


Clapping back on an Instagram post today, the fashion designer said she was simply smiling inside. 



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The pop singer captioned the photo:


"When you’re smiling on the inside. As the sweatshirt says!! Let your sweatshirt do the talking - get yours now exclusively at my website and #VBDoverSt x VB #DarkButHappyPlace."


We LOVE the shade. 


It does, however, raise the question of why in 2018 we are still hung up over women not smiling?


Generally, men escape this annoying and frustrating commentary on being told to smile or to smile more.



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That was apparent during the general election between Hillary and Trump, that the world will just never forget.


After a victory, Hillary was tweeted by Joe Scarborough to smile after her big win.



Trump (unsurprisingly), never got the same treatment.


Mr Scarborough's sickeningly condescending tweet subjects women to be defined, once again, by their physical appearance.


Hillary Clinton is an extremely successful, powerful and educated woman, who was running for president. 


She does not need to be told how to react. 



"Let’s make history!" —Hillary

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Women need to be held at the same statue as their male counterparts.


Females who don't smile are perceived as sad, ungrateful and unattractive.


Taking the royal wedding as an example, the fashion Queen is expected to smile because of her HUSBAND. 



Women who don't crack the pearly whites are frequently subjected to insults and interrogation; it is generally believed they must be deeply miserable.



Another user said since Beckham wasn't smiling, she must be attending a funeral. 



The double standards that exist between the sexes are ripe and repulsive.


Men are never branded unhappy, miserable or told they should appear happy because of their wife or partner.


Men often are given the label of being powerful and authoritarian when they don't crack a smile.



Science even indicates that if you want to seem powerful, don't smile.


The study also found that smiling can result in lower status when referring to personal dominance and social prestige. 


It may not come as a surprise then, that women are constantly told to smile.



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In an era when we are fighting for equality across the board, movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo are growing in strength. So, telling women to smile, needs to be left in the past.


Stop trying to disempower women; leave your intimidation at the door.


A woman's worth is not defined by her physical appearance and whether she smiles or not, is none of your business.


Victoria Beckham's onslaught of criticism is yet another timely reminder that we should all be making a much bigger effort to embrace assertive, strong women and treat females with respect - regardless of whether they smile or not.