Why you need to try Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Nappy Pants with the Stop & Protect Pocket
If you’re wondering why you should switch to Pampers® Baby-Dry Nappy Pants with the Stop & Protect Pocket – we’ve got three very simple reasons. And all of them will make your life that little bit easier.
Size & Fit

Your little one is moving about all day long – whether it’s wriggling in their cot, enjoying a new found freedom with crawling and playing, or when they are out and about with you going from car to buggy and back again. You want to make sure they have a nappy that will move with them and remain secure.
Pampers® Baby-Dry Nappy Pants with a Stop & Protect Pocket that, combined with the pants’ 360° fit provides up to 12h of all-around leakage protection. The elastic waist band adapts to your baby's tummy and will help prevent gaps and leaks.
Keeping baby dry with no leaks

Pampers® Stop & Protect Pocket is a revolutionary pocket that sits at the back of the pants in order to catch pee and liquid poo and prevent leaks travelling up the baby’s back and beyond. They are made with super-absorbent materials which lock away wetness and have a 360-degree fit designed for no gaps, while double leg cuffs provide additional protection to help prevent leaks and keep your baby dry.

The additional layer of protection at the back of the nappy pant will capture pee and liquid poo for up to 12h all-around leakage protection so you you’ll know your little one is dry night or day.
Available sizes & ease of use

Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants are available from size 3 all the way up to size 7 – this means you can start using them from six months, so you’re set and ready for when they start to move around.

You’ll also find Pampers® Premium Protection Nappy Pants so much easier to use (especially as your little one gets older and more wriggly!) as you can just pull them on, and they are easily removed by tearing the sides.


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