Being a mum can be the most important and wonderful job in the world, and we take it very seriously – our little ones come first, and we always do our very best to make sure they are happy and healthy.
Just like anything else in our lives, however, this can sometimes lead us to be unnecessarily hard on ourselves. Not only do we make huge sacrifices for the sake of our children, but we also tend to be hyper-critical of ourselves.
Think about it: how many times a day do you question your capabilities as a mum? According to recent research carried out by the team at Dove Baby, a staggering 91 percent of Irish women sometimes wonder if what they are doing as mothers is good enough.
This statistic proves that, while we tend to get overwhelmed by all of the things we reckon we’re doing ‘wrong’, we rarely stop and look back at everything we got right in any given day.
So, in honour of all of the things we get right but tend not to celebrate, here are 10 small daily victories every mum needs to be proud of.
1. Getting up when your alarm goes off
Life as a parent is downright exhausting at times, and there are times when we want nothing more than an extra hour or two in bed to re-energise. When you’ve got a demanding baby to clean, feed and dress in preparation of the day ahead, though, hitting the snooze button just isn’t an option. For all those mums who drag themselves out of the bed in spite of the exhaustion, we salute you.
2. Not burning the breakfast
You’d be hard pushed to find a better multi-tasker than a mother, but things can get a little challenging when you’re trying to juggle a hundred-and-one tasks all at once! So, if you manage not to (or only slightly) burn the breakfast while also finding your eldest’s phantom shoe, and stop a toddler tantrum in its tracks, you deserve a pat on the back.
3. Getting the kids to school on time
Given the effort it takes to get through steps one and two, do we even need to explain why getting the kids to school or nursery on time is such a feat? Getting everyone – including yourself – to where you all need to be on time takes planning, preparation, dedication, and a little last-minute genius. So, if you’re getting your child to their classroom before the bell rings, you’re pretty much set up for a winning day.
4. Making it through your ‘to do’ list
If you’re anything like us, this list will be held firmly within your head – not committed to paper! With so much to do at the beginning of the day, and many more tasks added with every passing hour, ticking everything off of that list – or making significant headway – is a true achievement.
5. Fitting in some ‘me time’
It’s so important for our mental and emotional wellness to take some ‘me time’ every single day – whether it’s enjoying a cup of tea as you flick through your favourite magazine, getting out for a 20-minute walk, or meeting a friend for lunch. Make the effort to take some time out for yourself.
6. Serving up a nutritious dinner
Look, we all aspire to Nigella levels of fabulousness in the kitchen, and the importance of serving up a nutritious and well-balanced meal for our family cannot be underestimated. But that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted, either. You’re entitled to give yourself a pat on the back each time you place a meal on the kitchen table. Well done, Mum!
7. Helping your kids with their homework
The torture of finishing up school for the day, only to have to come home and get started on your homework will never leave us! So, while we know how challenging homework can be for our kids, it’s hardly our favourite way to spend the evening, either! Helping your child to not only get their homework finished for the day, but to tackle a problem they are having difficulties with, is an achievement for you guys, too.
8. Sharing the burden
Motherhood can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be exhausting, and we all need a helping hand every now and again. Whether it’s your partner, another parent or a close friend; remember that it’s OK to ask for help. A little teamwork can really help to share the burden.
9. Getting to sleep
We’re talking about sleep for your baby, yourself, and anyone else living under the same roof. Life with a newborn or a toddler can be tough on your sleep schedule, so every single sleep – for all involved – is a win that should be celebrated.
10. Just being there
People say that it’s only when you become a mother yourself that you realise how incredible your own mum is. Once this hits you, you realise that even the simplest gestures are important – like just being there to cuddle, support, encourage and reassure. Never forget how important it is to just ‘be there’ for your beloved little ones.
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