For those who suffer from anxiety, at times it can be hard to articulate it to those who don't understand it.


It, in turn, can make it a challenge for those to help you when you're having a panic attack.


Buzzfeed personality, Kelsey Darragh encountered this issue with her nearest and dearest.



Her response was to make an incredible list of how her boyfriend can help when she's in the midst of a panic attack.


Kelsey was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder.


Taking to Twitter she disclosed her 15 top tips and the Internet loved it.


The post currently has 9.1k retweets and over 26k likes. 



The Internet sensation wrote in her tweet:


"I have panic and anxiety disorder. My boyfriend does not...but [he] wants to understand it so he can help me. So I made him this list. Feel free to share with your loved ones that need guidance!"


In the thread, she also welcomed others to share their tips. 


One user wrote about how music and space are important tools for her.



Others found grounding words really helpful too:



Kelsey's list included tips such as


"If we can leave, where we can - take me home," and keep breathing with me. 


The Buzzfeed presenter also advised her boyfriend to empathise with her during the attacks and not attempt to control them.


Do you have any of your own tips?


If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, please consult a medical professional.