Little Rossy Hipkin was born bent over backwards, in a C shape.


He has a severe case of scoliosis and Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), which is a rare neuromuscular disorder that can reduce mobility in the joints and muscles.


When his lovely mum, Corinna Heppner, was pregnant, she was told that her baby might not survive as a result of his very curved spine.


However, a year on and Rossy is active and happy, and keeps his mum very busy.


“He was born and he kind of took it from there and showed them all who’s boss,” Corinna said to


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Rossy's doctors nicknamed him the “C Man” because he stayed in a severely curved shape while in his mum's womb.


“It was hard because you don’t want to see your baby with tubes and wires in a glass box,” Corinna said.


He had to be revived once when he was an infant, but since then he has been as capable as any other baby - and absolutely gorgeous.


Little Rossy crawls without using the use of his arms, scratches his head with his foot and drives a power wheelchair with his legs.



His disease has made life a little difficult for Rossy, with the struggle to use his arms due to a lack of muscle tone.


“He does it all his own way, nothing conventional the way he does anything,” his nurse, Kalyn Miller, said. “But he definitely does a lot of things that people thought he wouldn’t do.”


“It’s been inspiring,” Heppner added. “He’s so happy. And the words ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’ and ‘don’t’ and ‘will never’ just don’t exist. They don’t exist for him.”


What an amazing little dude!