While we’re often very quick to  doubt ourselves, we must remember that motherhood is full of amazing little victories that should be celebrated. .


So don’t take the things you’ve achieved as a mum for granted.



Simple things that you would not have even considered a win before, all of a sudden become a huge achievement.


Be proud of yourself, and celebrate the little things. 


1. Getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour


It is 9pm, and all the kids are in bed ASLEEP. You are on the couch, watching TV with a glass of vino because you are a rock star! 


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2. Doing any sort of exercise


If you managed to get to a yoga class today, or you walked the dog, then you are an inspiration. You go girl! 


3. When the kids eat their dinner


A clear plate is something to be very, very proud of! Gordon Ramsey, eat your heart out. 


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4. Showering 


It may sound crazy, but having a nice, relaxing showering (without interruption) can be a tricky goal to achieve. Good for you! 


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5. Cuddles with your kiddies


If you had a little love-in today with your tots, then you are getting a huge thumbs up! They may drive us crazy sometimes, but our kids are the most amazing people ever. 


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6. Sleeping through the night


A night of undisturbed sleep is something of myths and legends! If you sleep through the night, you should celebrate.


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7. Getting the kids to school ON TIME


Coats are on, bags are packed and everyone is READY for action. Getting the kids to school on time is so incredibly satisfying. 


8. Getting some "alone time" with your partner


Did you successfully have sex with your partner today? If yes, give yourself a pat on the back, because that is a serious WIN. 


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