We all know the role food plays on our waistline, but are you aware of the impact it plays on our mental health?


While most of us try our best to reduce our stress levels and exercise, what we eat also needs to be taken into account.


Here are five things you need to do every day iorder to have a good mental health:


1. Eat enough

Make sure you are eating enough every day and aren’t allowing yourself to go hungry. Skipping meals can make you feel angry, irritable and tired.


2. Reduce caffeine consumption

Caffeine not only affects your sleeping pattern it can also make you feel anxious and over-stimulated.



3. Cut back on sugar

Most of us have experienced that sugar rush that comes after eating sweets, but it is never worth it when the crash starts. Sugar can also make you feel irritable and tired neither of which are good for your mental health.


4. Limit your alcohol levels

Alcohol can affect your sleep patterns, cause you to feel stressed and make you emotional. By all means enjoy a glass of wine every now and then but keep it to a minimum.


5. Eat a good healthy diet

Make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, unsaturated fats and protein, and consume about 2 litres of water a day.