Many women experience mood swings at their time of the month, especially during the week prior to it. From feeling anger one minute to sad and anxious the next, coupled with cramps and night seats it can be a pretty rough few days.


Thankfully, however, there are a few things you can do to help you deal with your wild roller coaster of emotions.


1. What causes them?

Your roller coaster of emotions can be put down to your hormone changes - it’s the rise and fall of oestrogen levels that are believed to cause mood swings.


2. But how can you handle them?



Exercise not only helps with cramps but the endorphins released can also lift your mood and improve depression. Try walking, running or even cycling both before and during your period.


Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can actually increase anxiety, so if possible avoid it for the two weeks prior to your period. The same goes for sweets as the high sugar content can create blood sugar fluctuations which play havoc on your mood.


Try mediation

Women who suffer from extreme mood swings during their time of month can benefit from daily mediation to help them manage their anger, stress and anxiety.


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