While your teen is trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be, they will probably go through many phases along the way. Here are just a few of the most common phases that our teens can often go through.
Rebel phase
If you’re lucky, your teen’s rebel phase can be quite mild. But there are of course the extreme rebels who will deliberately defy you at every turn. Your teen’s rebel phase is their way of testing the boundaries and it’s perfectly healthy, but it’s still important that you make sure they don’t go too far either.
Awkward phase
This phase often highlights the pressures and insecurities that are constantly surrounding our teens today. It’s a phase none of us really leave but can be the most difficult during the teenage years. Your teen probably doesn’t feel comfortable in public scenarios but has no problem being cheeky with you at home. As your teen matures and grows more confidence in themselves, the insecurities they previously had will disappear with time.
Dietary phase
This is another statement of your teen’s individuality. Some teens choose to become a vegetarian because of their friends. Instead of fighting your teen on this, it’s best to work with them and organise meals around their new dietary requirements. These phases don't last long and will often come to an end, once your teen realises just how much they miss their favourite foods. 
Popular phase
This can vary depending on your teen but sometimes your child simply wants to fit in and go along with crowd. This will often depend on what is deemed most popular within culture nowadays or what clique or group your teen wants to be a part of. While you would prefer your teen to take pride in their own individuality, like many things with your teen, this will take time. So for now, your teen will want to fit in but as long as they’re not causing any harm, its best to let them carry on with this phase until they feel more ready to be themselves.