It’s known as a ‘silent killer’, and we’re betting that each and every one of you reading this has experienced stress at some point in your life. From your work life to your personal relationships and parenting; that nasty stress seems to creep in to just about every aspect of your daily life.


Given how we can’t simply reach for a glass of vino every time we encounter stress, we’re feeling pretty smug about our latest discovery: Tranquini.


Billed as the first global relaxation beverage, Tranquini is a water-based drink specifically created to de-stress. Well, thanks heavens someone has been thinking about us mums and our daily struggles!


How is this possible, you ask? Well, Tranquini contains a unique blend of extracts from chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and green tea. These active ingredients are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness; making Tranquini a healthy and convenient way to de-stress.



If you love a daily can of your favourite fizzy drink, but you worry about its effects on your health, then Tranquini Water+Juice is right up your street. Blended from natural mineral water, herbal extracts and natural fruit juice, it contains up to 70 percent less sugar and calories than most sugar-based soft drinks and even fruit juices. Sounds like a winning combination to us!


It’s also available in a range of delicious flavours – passion fruit, apple-mint, lemon-mint, cherry, and apple-cherry – so there is plenty of choice. And if you’re not keen on bubbles, you can choose from three flavours of Tranquini Still Drink; mixed berries, green tea twist, and ginger and lemongrass.


As busy mums, constantly running back and forth from school runs to meetings and play dates, a little relaxation on-the-go is exactly what we need some days. We think it’s safe to say that Tranquini is being swiftly added to the shopping list!


If you’re keen to give Tranquini a go yourself, you can pick up a bottle from your local Supervalu, Centra, Spar, Tesco and Dunnes Stores, as well as other independent retailers.


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