Now that your teen has come out and you’ve both voiced your thoughts and perhaps concerns, the next step is how to tell others.
This all depends on your teenager and what they feel most comfortable with. It is extremely important to remember to never “out” your teenager to anyone without their permission first. Even if they have been very open about being gay to you, it is still a sensitive issue for them; you need to ensure that you talk to them first before letting anyone else know.
There are many ways your child may want to come out to others. They could want to keep it between the both of you for a while especially if they came out to you recently. These days more teenagers are deciding to come out on social networks such as Facebook as they may find it easier than confronting family and friends.
Your child may want you to discuss their sexual orientation with other family members on their behalf, especially with those your child may feel won’t react well to the news. This is a great sign as it shows what a great source of support you have been for your child.
If this is the case make sure you have a conversation with your child about how they wish for you to approach the conversation about their coming out with others. Sometimes your child might want to have the conversation themselves but may wish for you to be there as a supportive presence and perhaps even step in if they have a negative reaction.
It is also a good idea to try to predict what other family members’ negative or positive conversation might go, so you can be prepared.
No matter how your child chooses to come out to others about their sexual orientation, the importan