10 hobbies for your teen to get involved with if they’re not interested in sports

It’s super important for people of all ages to have hobbies, including teenagers. 

During their teen years, it’s crucial for our children to be involved in some sort of hobby in order to socialise with others, form habits, relieve stress, discover their strengths and nurture their mental wellbeing. 

While sports are a common hobby for children to pick up in school and continue well into their teen years, some teenagers’ interests are not piqued by playing football, rugby or basketball.  

If you’re trying to find hobbies that your teen will enjoy taking part in, check out our list of 10 fun activities below for those who aren’t interested in sports.

Photography and videography

Photography or video-making are great hobbies to have for teens who love creating content to look back on and reminisce on past memories. There are many skills when taking photos or making vlogs, including editing and animation, so there’s more to learn than simply taking landscape or portrait pictures, or talking into a camera. 


If your teen likes keeping active but doesn’t enjoy common sports, dance is a great hobby to practise in order to move your body while having fun. Whether they join a local dance school or simply follow dance videos online at home, dancing is a really fun way to get moving and who knows, maybe they'll learn to choreograph in the future! 

Arts and crafts

If your teen already shows signs of artistic skills or wants to get more artsy, arts and crafts are great hobbies to get involved with. There are so many art mediums to try out from knitting and crocheting to painting and cardmaking, so it’ll be easy for your teenager to find a craft they enjoy. 


It can be hard to get our teenagers away from their phones for any length of time but getting lost in a good book is one way they can keep busy for hours on end instead. Fiction and non-fiction reading is a wonderful hobby to allow your child to broaden their imagination while learning about new things. 


If your child enjoys reading, then they will probably enjoy writing too. Whether they start gratitude journaling, keeping a diary or penning a book, writing as a hobby is a fantastic way to get down their thoughts and feelings without the pressure of being marked for their writing as they normally are at school. 


A slower paced hobby to allow your teen to explore the world of flowing movements, breathwork and meditation. There are many videos on YouTube, online classes and in-person courses nationwide that allow your teen to get involved with yoga. Yoga will allow them to slow down from their busy day-to-day teen lives and appreciate being at peace in their own body. 


After sport, taking up learning how to play a musical instrument is probably the most popular hobby. Many people think you must start doing music lessons from a young age in order to master their instrument, but if you’re teen has been interested in learning to play the guitar, violin or keyboard, it’s never too late and there’s no time like the present. 


While many parents may see gaming as a distraction from homework or household chores, it can have many benefits for teens who don’t enjoy physical sports or can’t join an in-person club. Online gaming allows teens to interact with other children their age so they can bond with people who share the same interests as them. This still allows them to have the opportunity to build social skills while using their mind to solve challenges in their chosen game. Always ensure your child is being safe online


The world of technology is growing rapidly so it makes sense that teens show an interest in technology-related hobbies. Coding, computer programming, web design and 3D printing are wonderful hobbies with many online resources for teens who love all things tech-related.  


Although our teens have the opportunity to learn languages such as Irish, French, German and Spanish in school, they may have an interest in learning a more uncommon language that isn’t on their curriculum. There are so many websites and apps that allow teens to learn a new language, which is a great life skill to have. Another brilliant way to learn a new language is by reading or watching movies in their chosen language, and since libraries and Netflix have so many sources in a wide range of languages, it’s a relatively cheap hobby to pick up.