We’ve all heard that getting enough sleep is so important for our health and welfare, but do you know why?


Here are 10 reasons why you need to get enough shuteye each and every evening.


1. Helps improve your memory. Researchers have discovered that there are new connections between brain cells forming during sleep. 


2. When we sleep, our body and brain are given a chance to recharge which helps sharpen our attention span, which decreases your reaction time. 


3. Helps you maintain a healthy weight as it prevents a certain hormones going up in your blood which causes you to have a big appetite.


4. Helps prevent heart disease as it lowers cholesterol.


5. A lack of sleep can cause you to feel mentally exhausted, emotional and anxious which can affect your stress levels.  


6. Helps you stay aware, decreases your reaction time  and ultimately keeps you safe. 


7. Help create emotional stability and reduce your feelings of anxiety.


8. Helps you learn and remember new things and enhances your problem-solving skills in the process.  


9. It helps boost muscle mass and repair cells as it triggers a certain hormone in your body which promotes growth.


10. Helps maintain a healthy and happy immune system.


Bear in mind that the amount of sleep you need depends on the individual so don't compare your sleep habits to others.