Modern life is full of stressful situations, especially for mums and families.


A certain amount of stress is healthy and keep us motivated but if you find stress overwhelming you or it's making family life difficult, these are some healthy ways you can deal with it.


1. Try meditating

It's been scientifically proven that meditation has a positive effect on both your brain and body.



If you don't have much time, try downloading an app such as Headspace which will teach you gradual meditation.


2. Soak in a hot bath at the end of the day

This one is best for when the kids have gone to bed or you have someone keeping any eye on them.


Lock the door, slap on a facemask and relax.



It beats taking a hurried shower with the kids banging on the door.


3. Ask for help

Sometimes mums feel as though they have to be in control of everything and be able to cater to all their children's needs at once.


You're not Superwoman so if you have a friend or family member that you can ask for help, take advantage.



It could be something small like someone else doing a school run or helping with homework occasionally, but it's one less thing to do.


4. Teach the kids to tidy up at home

Once your children reach an appropriate age, you should encourage them to help you with simple household tasks. 



Positive reinforcement and making a game out of chores are great ways to encourage them to do things like washing dishes,setting the table or collecting dirty clothes. 


5. Say no when you need to

And we're not just talking about saying no to the kids.


Say not to any unnecessary responsibility or duties you can't commit to.



The more you say it, the easier it gets.


6. Take some time to catch up with friends

It can be hard to stay in touch with friends, particularly if they are also mums.


The best way to do it is organise a play-date or meet up in the park.



The kids can let off some steam and you can enjoy a good catch-up!


7. Get out for some exercise

Exercise is crucial for reducing stress but not many mums have the time or money to go to a gym.


Get the kids out for a brisk walk or play in the garden.



Even pushing them on the swings is good exercise and being outdoors will lift your mood.


8. Treat yourself occasionally

Once you have children, most of your money goes towards feeding them, clothing them or paying for activities.



But it's always good to get yourself a treat now and again, whether that's a new top or just a nice bottle of wine.


9. Forget perfection

Your house won't always be clean, the kids won't always behave and things won't always get done. 



Striving for perfection constantly will only make you unhappy so ditch the guilt and compromise.


10. Take some time to play with your kids

It's easy to forget that having kids is also loads of fun and playing with them is one of the best ways to relax.


Older kids love seeing their parents join in and make fools of themselves playing football or catch.



As for little ones, even the simplest of games are stimulating and help them learn and develop. 


If you are encountering severe stress, talk to someone and arrange to visit your GP.


Remember to look after yourself as well as the family.