Although quite common, the TV does not, in fact, have to be the main focal point in your living room. There are plenty of places to put so that it's not the first thing you see when you walk into the room. 


If you are struggling with the design, here are ten ways you can display your TV, without it taking over the room.


1. Place it to the left or right side of the fireplace.


2. Don’t put it in the middle of the room.


3. Hang it in line with a large painting or portrait.


4. Put a dark background behind it to camouflage it slightly.


5. Put it into a cabinet and close the doors when not using it.


6. Avoid purchasing a large TV that will take over the room. Instead go for something small and compact.


7. Invest in a large frame, remove the glass and backing and hang it around the TV. This way it will become more about the surrounding area rather than the TV itself.


8. To make it less part of the room, turn the majority of your chairs away from it.


9. Place it at a height below eye level so that it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into the room.


10. Put it on a bookshelf and surround it with book.