The winter can be a really busy time as you cart the kids from school to football and play dates to parties, all the while trying to squeeze in housework, shopping and even your own job. In fact, it can be such a hectic period that it is easy to forget important things – like setting the heating to come on just before you arrive home.
This is exactly what Hive from Bord Gáis Energy does. This smart thermostat and app allows you to control your heating and hot water from your phone – so you don’t forget to heat the house! And you don’t even need to change your energy supplier which is handy.
But that’s not the only way you can make your life less hectic this winter, the following ten tips will benefit you no end:
1. Write everything down
From school events to dentist appointments it’s difficult to be able to remember everything that you’re meant to! Instead of stressing yourself, fill the diary on your phone with reminders and alarms or even go down the old fashioned route and write it in a calendar.
2. Say no
The kids don’t have to go to every single play date or party – if it really puts you under pressure just say no (but don’t tell your little ones!)
3. Do the important things first
No matter how much you like to think you are superwoman you can’t do everything, and it’s time to accept that. Instead prioritise the important things and, if you have the time, fit in the rest of your To Do list after.
4. Delegate the jobs
You are not solely responsible for keeping the house clean or making sure the lunches are made – get the kids and your other half involved.
5. Do quick jobs now
Just paid a bill? File it now. Just received a text? Reply to it straightaway. Just finished your dinner? Put the dishes in the dishwasher. Jobs that will only take a minute or so should be done more or less straightaway so that they aren’t taking up space in your head. Once they’re done, they’re done.
6. Turn off your phone
Your phone can add to the stress in your life and constant reminders of events or things to do will just overwhelm you. Enjoy a technology-free moment every now and then, if you can.
7. Get up earlier
Easier said than done we know, but getting up a good fifteen or twenty minutes earlier will mean you’ll have more time to do the general morning things – at a calmer pace!
8. Give yourself time
Don’t try to squash as many things into your day as possible – you’ll only be left pulling your hair out! If you’re heading to bed absolutely shattered and waking up feeling like you haven’t slept a wink it’s time to cut something.
9. Just be in the moment
It’s hard when you’ve got two kids pulling out of each leg, but try to be in the moment of each task. If you’re doing your child’s homework sit with them and help – don’t cook the dinner at the same time. This way you’ll be giving each task the proper attention and not feel like you’re doing a hundred things at once.
10. Get some help
Enlist the help of family and friends to drop the kids to football on a Saturday, or even collect them from school – those extra few minutes or hours will be priceless to you.