We all know that a little meditation can do you the world of good, especially when you are feeling stressed, but are you aware of the other benefits?


When done properly and regularly, it can dramatically improve your mental and physical health, among a number of other things.


Still not convinced? Here are 15 ways meditation can benefit you:


1. Builds skills to manage your stress


2. Helps you focus on the present


3. Reduces any negative emotions giving you a better sense of perspective


4. Helps you focus on the present which can reduce your stress


5. Improves the functioning of the brain


6. Helps you sleep better


7. Helps your body fight disease as it increases immunity


8. Improves your concentration


9. Can lower your blood pressure


10. Helps you feel calmer


11. Encourages healthy eating


12. Helps you feel happier


13. Slows the ageing process


14. Helps you feel more alert


15. Can help relieve pain