Stress and modern life go hand in hand, but despite our acceptance of it, it is not something that we should have to endure on a constant basis.


If you are feeling a little wound up and in need of some relaxation tips, these five really easy tricks will help you feel better.


1. Look upwards

Whether you are standing or sitting, look up at the ceiling or the sky and slowly count back from ten. This will help slow down your breathing and offer you a distraction.


2. Tense and relax your muscles

Squeeze your muscles until they feel tense before slowly relaxing them – this will help reduce tension caused by stress.


3. Write down a list of things to do

Having a to-do list swirling around your head will create more stress, so get it down on paper and leave it to one side. Do the most important things first and you’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders instantly.



4. Breathe

Take five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to help you unwind.


5. Do some exercise

One of the most effective ways to help you unwind is to release tension through exercise. A gentle walk, run or stretch will instantly help.