Most of us mums go through a stage of feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed with motherhood, often thinking we simply can’t take it anymore.


Being a mother is tough and there is no break; whether you’re lucky to be able to take a trip away for a few days or you go to work for eight hours a day you never ever truly get a chance to switch off from being a mum. 


And it doesn't matter if your child is strong-willed or quiet, sometimes everything can feel like it’s getting on top of you and you just can’t cope.


Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help you feel better. 


1. Go for a walk or a run

Exercise helps to release endorphins and can make you feel better about yourself, both mentally and physically. It is one of the best ways to release any frustrations and pent up anger that can blind you to the magic and wonder of motherhood. 



2. Talk about it 

It is important you talk about how you feel to someone you trust and who won't judge you for your honesty - keeping fears and frustrations locked up inside you can make them ten times bigger. If you feel like you can't be open with someone you know you can call a charity like Aware


3. Cut back on some things 

The busier your schedule is the more overwhelming life can be. If you can, cut back on one or two activities or even reduce the number of hobbies your child has - the back and forth can make you feel overwhelmed. 



4. Get some air 

Fresh air can do wonders to your head when you are feeling down and restless. It can clear the cobwebs, help you feel more relaxed and therefore better able to cope when things get tough. Ten minutes a day or when you feel like you are about to explode is all you really need. 


5. Write down your frustrations 

Carry around a notebook and pen and write down your frustrations when you feel them. This alone can help you see what triggers your overwhelming feelings and can be a good starting point to tackle it head-on. 


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