Mental health disorders among both kids and adults is steadily growing in this country. And while certain aspects can only be dealt with by a professional, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you keep your mind happy and healthy.


Many of us are guilty of making the following mistakes, but now we know what we have to fix. 


1. Relying too much on your phone

Spending too much time on your phone can actually cause depression as you are not giving your body a chance to rest and regenerate, especially if you are forever looking on on Facebook at bedtime or as soon as you wake up.


2. Not exercising

Exercising helps to boost positive brain chemicals which can put you in a good mood – important in ensuring you have a healthy happy mind frame. Remember, exercise is not just for your physical wellbeing, it’s important your mental state too.  


3. Not talking to friends

Text messages or leaving Facebook comments are not the best ways to communicate with your friends – you need to physically talk to them either on the phone or in person at least once or twice a week.


4. Procrastinating

Seriously, the longer you wait to answer tricky emails or tackle the broken fence in the back garden, the longer it is playing on your mind. Procrastination causes unnecessary stress that is easily solved by just DOING the task at hand.


5. Comparing yourself to others 

We are all special and unique in our own way, and comparing yourself to everyone around you is just setting you up for a fall. If you are forever finding fault in yourself you will never feel happy. Find your positives and flaunt them. 


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