If you like to think of things as half empty rather than half full it’s time to make a change. Being a pessimist can be emotionally draining as you search for nothing but negative things in life, and you’re not going to be great company if you’re forever complaining, are you?


And while you won’t be able to change overnight, there are certain things you can do to make yourself a little more positive.


1. Don’t immediately go for the negative

There are perfectly good explanations for things that happen in life, so stop immediately choosing the negative option. If you didn't get the job, instead fo bringing yourself down, look on it as a learning curve that is preparing you for the next opportunity.


2. Hang around with optimistic people

If you are spending your days with pessimistic people their negative opinions will eventually rub off onto you. So stay away from mums who are constantly bringing you down and say goodbye to the friend who is forever finding the bad in everything.



3. Fake it ‘til you make it

Pretend to be happy and positive and eventually it will start to become more natural. Smile when things go wrong, say something positive even if all you can think about is the negative, and stop assuming the world is out to get you.


4. Never give up

When you are a pessimist it is easier to give up if something is too hard, but keep at it. Changing habits is tough but not impossible – never give up.


5. Stop comparing yourself to others

Social media has made it a lot easier to wallow in self-pity as we compare ourselves to other people’s supposedly perfect lives. But everyone has their moment – yours is waiting for you.