Applying sun cream on a toddler can be a bit of a nightmare but at least you can physically do it yourself; it's a whole different story when it comes to your teenager. 


Gone are the days of you telling them to sit still while you rub the cream in - they don't even let you in their bedroom, never mind put lotion on their face! 


But it is VITAL your son or daughter does put on sunscreen when heading outside - and, at the end of the day, it is up to you make sure they do put it on. 


If you are struggling with a stroppy teen, the following advice might help you to finally convince them of the important of wearing lotion. 


1. Buy them their own lotion so they don’t have to share with the family

Teenagers are a tricky bunch and sometimes they refuse to do something because you are telling them to do it. Instead, buy them their own sun cream, leave it in their bedroom and let it be a physical reminder to your child to apply it often.


2. Put the cream in an accessible spot

There is no point having the lotion hidden at the back of the cupboard – your teenager won’t go to the trouble of looking for it and they WILL cause a fuss if you ask them to get it. Yes, they should be old enough to get it from the bathroom but if you really want them to wear it you’ll need to make it as accessible as possible.


3. Constantly remind them about the dangers of the sun

Obviously talking about skin cancer is important, but mentioning age spots, wrinkles and tough-looking skin will appeal to their vain side and get them thinking. Everyday reminders will help but don’t go overboard otherwise it will just backfire and there will be skin and hair flying all over the place.


4. Let them buy false tan

Teenagers sit in the sun to get a tan - so you need to give them another alternative to browning their skin. Compromise with them: if they apply sun cream let them pick up some fake tan in the local pharmacy - it's a plan that might just work well for both of you. 


5. Inform them of celebrities that have had skin cancer

Did you know that Hugh Jackman has been treated for basal cell carcinoma five times? But he’s not the only celebrity to have had to deal with skin cancer: Ewen McGregor, Melanie Griffin and Vinnie Jones to name a few have all been touched by the disease. Putting a face on skin cancer may help encourage your teen to wear sun cream.



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