Now that the evenings are a lot brighter, we are that one step closer to the wonderfulness of summer. However, it also means we are getting closer to exam time.


A period of great stress, it is during this time your child can turn into a completely different person  as the pressure gets to them. 


However, there are a few things you can do to help them cope a little better: 


1. Cut back on one activity

Today, it seems if your kid is not signed up to an activity every single day then you are doing something wrong as a parent, which is ridiculous. Having an overloaded schedule is not good for them, particularly if they are in an exam year, so get them to cut back on one things – they can always pick it back up again once all exams are over.


2. Make sure they are getting enough sleep

Okay, it can be pretty tricky telling your teenager when to go to bed – you will usually be met with cries of “I know when I’m tired” – but do ensure they are getting enough rest and not staying up all night burning the candle.


3. Encourage them to spend time with friends

Friendships and having a social life are just as important during an exam year as highlighting everything in a school book! Not only does it break up the monotony of studying, but it can help your teen relax, which in turn will reduce stress.


4. Talk to them

Repeat: Talk to them DON’T nag them! If your teen knows they can go to you with any problems or concerns, it will immensely help them deal with their stress levels. Studying can be really lonely so it is important you are open to their worries and concerns.


5. Don’t put extra pressure on them

The last thing your teen needs when they are up to ninety with studying is you constantly reminding them the grades they need or what you expect to see. Obviously a little encouragement goes a long way, but don’t pile even more pressure on them.



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