You knew this day would come, but there is still a part of you that believes your teen will always be our little boy or girl. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t fight time. Here are six sure signs that prove just how much your teen has really grown in the last few years.
They still need to ask you for permission but your teen is more than capable of forming their own plans, without you. They are leading lives of their own now. No matter what age they are, you’re a parent first and you will always worry about your baby.
No time for childish things
They’ve relinquished childhood ties a long time ago but if your teen doesn’t even flinch when walking past a toy shop, you know they’re a child no longer.
New lingo
Communicating to your teen is never easy and sometimes it feels like they’re even speaking a completely different language. Words can vary from “yolo” to “meh”, while you both stare at each other with perplexed faces. Then when you ask for an explanation, don’t be too surprised if your child rolls their eyes and says “you just don’t get it”.
Remember when you couldn’t keep them sitting down for a second and now, it feels impossible to motivate them to do anything. Despite spending all their weekends in bed, they still manage to be “tired” nearly all of the time.
The most obvious one, but sometimes you don’t realise how much your child has really grown until you stand back and actually take a look at them. The most frightening moment for any parent is when their teen becomes as tall as them or in some cases, even taller.
They actually take heed of your advice
A true sign of maturity is when your teen actually sits down and takes into consideration all those years of experience you have. This can be quite daunting for any parent, especially, if your child has resisted every piece of good advice you’ve given them so far. But if your teen actually listens to what you have to say and, even more shockingly, takes on your advice then you know for sure that your teen is truly on the verge of becoming an adult.