Yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and the ease of ability to do it at home has increased its popularity.


However, there is more to the exercise than simply keeping you toned and leaned, it is actually a great way keep your mind healthy.


1. Helps you relax

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is its ability to keep you relaxed, which in turn helps your mental health.


2. Improves self-discipline

This in turn helps you stick to a routine, manage your deadlines and feel better able to cope.


3. Promotes a positive self-image

Throughout the exercise you will feel positive emotions which promotes a good self-image.



4. Rejuvenates you

A 20 minute yoga class can help you beat your anxieties or, at the very least, feel better able to tackle them.


5. Sharpens your brain power

Exercise in general sharpens your brain power but the sense of quiet and stillness really helps you connect with yourself in ways other exercises can’t.


6. Helps you manage your stress

We all feel stressed from time to time and while we can’t prevent it, yoga can help you manage it. One of the things this form of exercise emphases is deepening and lengthening of breathing which can help you feel relaxed and better able to cope.