Most of us lead hectic lives these days and often mums can find themselves struggling to get even five minutes of peace to gather their thoughts.


And while we can’t help you lead a less busy life, we can give you five tips on how to find the calm in your day, even if it's just for one minute.


Whether you're at your desk or waiting in the car to pick the kids up, find 60 seconds to do one of these exercises a day and you’ll instantly feel calmer.


1. One minute breathing


Wherever you are, focus on your breathing for just one minute. Whether you are standing up or sitting down, breathe in through your nose, hold for six seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Concentrate on just your breaths and allow your mind to wander. Do this for 60 seconds before slowly letting yourself back into the world.


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2. Concentrate on your surroundings


It is easy to let your mind become overwhelmed with things you have to do, but take one minute to focus on the present and you’ll instantly feel calmer. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth as you focus on the here and now for one minute.


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3. Get some air


If you are stuck in the house or at your desk, take a minute to step outside and get some fresh air. This simple trick can help to clear your head and readjust your mindset. 


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4. Write down your to-do list


It is easy to become overwhelmed by an overloaded to-do list, stressing just trying to remember what you need to do. However, by simply grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and writing down what you need to do, you will automatically feel a weight lift off your shoulders.


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5. Close your eyes


Take one minute to simply close your eyes and breathe. Even focusing on your inner self and allowing your mind to wander for just 60 seconds can help you feel instantly calmer.


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