Considering just how easy it is to care for a goldfish, it is no surprise that they are a fairly popular pet with families.


However, there is more to these little fishes than their awesome colour; here are eight things you may not have known about your pet: 


1. They  change colour

Many goldfish will change colour throughout their life


2. They can live for YEARS

Don’t get a goldfish if you don’t want a pet that is going to be around for YEARS – think 40!


3. They don’t actually have a bad memory

In fact, they can remember things for at least three months...


4. For every year of a goldfish’s life they grow a ring of scales.

So get counting!


5. Goldfish will turn white if kept in the dark

Light actually helps the fish produce it’s colour.


6. You can train a goldfish to do tricks

So get practicing.


7. They eat their own poop

Just in case they missed a few nutrients the first time they ate the food...


8. A school of fish is called a troubling




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