With the intense pressures of performing well in the Leaving Cert, exams are undoubtedly a stressful time but it seems a few students have really struggled under the pressure.


According to reports over the weekend, it seems that some Irish students have turned to cheating to nab those coveted points. 


Eighty students who sat their Leaving Cert exams this year have had their results withdrawn due to suspicions of cheating, according to various reports.


The State Examinations Commission has confirmed to The Irish Times that the sets of results are being “permanently withheld” from 43 of these students.



The Commission is currently investigating the rest of the cases. 


Students will reportedly have the option to appeal cheating allegations. 


It is not known what methods were used to cheat by the students. 


Electronic methods have been used in years previously, with students utilising technology to cheat in their State examinations.